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This PDF report is a revised version of Mark Beck's presentation at NJ Entreprenuer's Forum.

E-commerce for Non-product On-line Sales

For e-commerce that does not fit the "put it in a box and mail it" model of a catalog and shopping cart system, other techniques are available for collecting income through your website.

Advertising or Sponsor Banners

Provide space on your web site for advertisements or for sponsor recognition to increase revenue.

Conference or Special Event Registration

Your conference attendees can learn about your conference from your web site, select workshops and sessions they wish to attend, and pay on-line using a credit card, PayPal or by following up with a check. Prior to registration, your site can be used to solicit speakers or launch your Call for Papers campaign. Abstract, photos, bios, and even the final paper can be uploaded by your presenters by using your web site. Volunteers for these events can even be drafted and assigned duties using a registration system.

Membership Drives and Dues Collection

Use your website for membership drive and dues collection. Allow your members to select from a choice of thank you gifts and pay with their credit card. Payments can be made monthly, or all at once. Payment is fast and easy for the members, and the collection and reporting is fast and easy for the organizations.

Sales of Logo Products for Fund Raising or Brand Promotion

Services exist on the web that produce products for sale that feature your logo. Once an organization supplies the service with artwork, that artwork can be applied to T-shirts, polo shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, baby bibs, and other popular items. Since the product is created by the service only when an order is placed, costs are very low for the organization.

On-line Contracts

Provide contract forms on-line for customers to complete and submit for services to be provided. This can be done for annually recurring services, like pool or lawn sprinkler openings and closings, furnace and air conditioning maintenance, and any other contracted service you can think of.

Subscription Processing

Allow customers to receive subscriptions to on-line news services for a fee or for free. Publications can be traditional paper-based publications that are mailed, or electronic publications that are provided as web content, e-books, or e-newsletters.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by check, major credit card, or through PayPal.