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Visitor-contributed Content

Your website can be devoted to visitor-contributed content (like a forum) or it can invite minor participation by encouraging your visitor to respond to a simple one-question poll. The features below are roughly listed in the order of the most visitor-contributed content to the least.


An on-line forum is a system that allows visitors to type in a comment or question, where other visitors can offer their related comments or answers to questions. All the correspondence is available to the visitor to view and search. Forums allow your community of website visitors to discuss issues, to learn how to use a product or service, to ask for and get help or assistance in any matter, whether it be personal or business. Forums need a moderator to control and approve content. Some forums are public, some are made available to members only.

Feedback on Blogs

While blogs allow the client to post information anytime, they also are frequently configured to allow visitors to post comments. Comments to an individual post can promote energetic discussions amongst your visitors. These discussions need to be moderated to filter out undesirable posts. It's something you have to watch out for, but the feedback from your website visitors is frequently invaluable.

Events Calendar

Provide a listing of events of interest to your web site visitors. These events can be just those hosted by your organization, or you can invite your visitors to post their events in your calendar. It's all done via the web, where they provide all the information, and upon your approval, the data is live with a click of your mouse! The system automatically displays only upcoming events, removing past events from the listing.

Membership or Resource Directory

Many organizations publish directories of their members on an annual basis, to help everyone keep in contact. Directories can contain personal contact information, pass-word protected from the public, or it can be business contact information available to all. A web-based directory makes it easy for your visitors to find contacts by searching alphabetically, chronologically and by categories.

Surveys and Polls

Surveys are web-based forms that you can use to invite your visitors to complete. The data is collected into a centralized database on the web server, and information is extracted and summarized into administrative reports. Polls are usually one question, with a multiple choice response. Visitors answer the question and then view the results of the poll to date.