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“Rev Up Your Website Traffic: 10 Strategies you can master today”

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This PDF report is a revised version of Mark Beck's presentation at NJ Entreprenuer's Forum.

Mastering the Web So You Don't Have To

Website Design

I need a more professional look. My website design is very amateurish.

Are you interested in creating a brand new website from scratch, or simply giving your current website a fresh new design or layout?

Our designers will work with you to get the look you want with a navigation interface that helps your visitors get the most value out of your website.

Website Project Planning

I can't even find a product on my own website!

What information should be on your website? What is unnecessary and confusing? What features would you like to add?

Our project management team will help you organize your content, and if necessary, develop a plan to phase in additional features over time.

Website Development

I wish my website could have a blog so I can keep my audience updated.

Do you want to start a blog, enter the world of e-commerce by adding a catalog and shopping cart to your website, or maintain your website content yourself?

Our programmers can build a system to your specifications, or they can customize industry-standard systems. Web-based membership systems, contract renewals, and calendars are a few of the possible systems solutions to your business or organization's needs.

Website Marketing

What's the point of having a website at all if visitors can't find it?

Do you need to optimize your website so your customers can find you in the free search engine listings? Or do you plan to embark on a Pay-Per-Click campaign to maximize your exposure?

Our copywriters follow search engine best-practices to place your keywords in well-written body copy that optimizes your chances of getting a higher page rank in the free search engine results pages. Optionally, our search engine marketing experts can advise you on the best strategies to get you started in a paid search engine marketing campaign, if that plan fits in with your goals.

Website Hosting

My webmaster quit. What do I do now?

What do you need to know about website hosting services?

When we host your website on an account at one of our server providers, we can cost-effectively publish the site, install and maintain server certificates for e-commerce, create databases, add and delete your employees' email addresses, and respond to other technical issues that may arise with the hosting company and the operation of your website. On the other hand, we can also provide basic support services for websites hosted directly by you.

Website Maintenance

My website has not been touched in years.

How do you plan to keep your website content up-to-date?

In order to maintain good visibility in the search engines and to satisfy the requirements of your website visitors, you'll need to keep the information on your web pages current. We'll provide you with access to traffic analysis reports by Google Analytics so you understand more about how your site is being used, providing you with the tools to help you intelligently maintain the content. We can arrange to provide you or your staff with the means to update the content yourself, or we can provide that service for you.

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