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This PDF report is a revised version of Mark Beck's presentation at NJ Entreprenuer's Forum.

Portfolio of Websites by The Boulevard Group

We've organized our portfolio by the type of business or organization, to make it easier for you to visualize how your website could be used as a tool to promote your business or organization.

Websites for Retail Business of Goods (B2C)

We have several examples of businesses using a catalog and shopping cart with online payment for products that can be relatively easily packaged and shipped. Other businesses, with custom-priced products and shipping, offer a catalog without prices and a contact or order form.

Websites for Retail Business of Food Products (B2C)

Food products that can be shipped, like powered drink mix and chocolates, are featured in a catalog with shopping cart features. Baked goods are showcased in catalogs, but without automated shopping carts. Some things are best handled manually, where customers are encouraged to call or fax their order for pick-up.

Websites for Restaurants and Caterers

A restaurant best uses their website to promote specials, changes in the menu, and on-going entertainment. Posting the catering menu on-line eliminates many phone calls and faxes.

Websites for Home Service Business to Consumers (B2C)

This section of home service businesses contains websites for realty, interior and exterior repairs and refinishing, and finally pool and garden services.

Websites for Personal and Family Service Business to Consumers (B2C)

Service businesses will typically have information on their services, their typical customers, how they work, what to expect, testimonials, and contact information. The websites shown here include health, beauty, fitness, financial, spiritual, education and legal industries.

Websites for Legal and Financial Services to Consumers

Legal and financial service businesses typically require a classic brochure-style website, describing who they serve, what they do, with phone number, contact form, map and directions easy to find.

Websites for Business Products to Businesses (B2B)

Most (but not all) of these websites feature product information without prices, but with information to contact a sales representative.

Websites for Business Services to Businesses (B2B)

Websites for B2Bs providing services are usually information-rich, with prominent contact information.

Websites for Professional Organizations

While some organization websites are little more than an online brochure, most professional organizations take advantage of the power of the web to provide administrative and record-keeping services for membership application, payment, and member maintenance; for announcement and registration of events; and have password-protected sections for members-only.

Websites for Community Organizations

While community organization websites may share many of the features of professional organizations, communities frequently maintain a calendar, include a directory of members, feature a gallery of photos and videos, and accept donations.

Websites for Information Providers

In most of these examples, an information-rich website is used to promote a product like a book or a course.