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B2B Portfolio of Business Services to Businesses

3 Wire Surveying

3 Wire Surveying screen shot

A content management system (CMS) gives this client the ability to update the website contents himself. An extensive client list with town names provides necessary keywords to help in search engine optimization (SEO). A combination of royalty-free and original photos illustrate the website. Our copywriter provided assistance in developing the content. 3 Wire Surveying also takes advantage of the internet by allowing clients to submit large documents to their server using FTP services.


All States Building Services

All States Building Services screen shot

This building maintenance service company focuses on making the job of the building maintenance manager easier. Services are assigned to member contractors where work orders are submitted and monitored by the customer's building maintenance manager, and maintained in a separate website's database. An application form for contractors to join the team, and an inquiry form for customers provides an on-line means of contacting the firm. A subtle Flash animation provides interest in the website's header.


Green Electric Services Corp.

Green Electric Services Corp. screen shot

The navigation bar across the top and bottom identify the four niche audiences of Green Electric Services Corp. Each section has only one page of content, but that content is rich in text and animation where needed to explain a complex topic. The place where a vertical navigation bar would be is used to list services provided, providing keywords for search engines. A contact form with phone and address information completes the package.


Sunrise Title Services

Sunrise Title Services screen shot

This one-page website has everything it needs to get noticed and get results. Keyword rich content satisfies human visitors and the search engines; contact and location information in the text footer; a contact form; interactive map; attractive graphics and colors; high-contrast readable text. A link-building campaign was employed to get this website listed in other web pages and directories on the web to expand on the search engine optimation (SEO) techniques already used. This little site enjoys high visibility resulting in a noticeable increase of contacts.


VM Business Productions

VM Business Productions screen shot

Sometimes the best way to get your message across is with a multimedia presentation. So when VM Business Production promotes their services, they need to showcase their music slideshow animations on their website. These are uploaded to a business channel at YouTube, where they can get plentiful exposure, while preserving the website account's disc space and bandwidth. Sample and full-length videos are the highlight of this website.


At Main St

At Main Street screen shot

To promote their search engine marketing services, At Main St has created several service products and has made them available for purchase via credit card, PayPal, and Google Checkout for the convenience of the customer. The website provides pages that explain the benefits, services, and the team. It also contains a blog with discussions on Google AdWords, Google Places, and case studies of successful implementations.


McGovern Legal Services

McGovern Legal Services screen shot

Using a content management system (CMS), this legal firm's staff maintains an extensive list of areas specialization, plus the full text of articles and publications written by the founder. Contact information for both offices is placed right on the home page page and appears on every page of the website. A contact form is also available.


K-Plus, Inc.

K-Plus screen shot

As retirement and investment specialists, K Plus serves two audiences. One page is devoted to services to companies and their employees, while another page focuses on services to individual investors. Relevant news teasers are featured on the home page linking to a page with more complete information. The website includes a bio of the founder, and a contact form. All content is maintained by staff using a content management system (CMS).


Enterprising Solutions

Enterprising Solutions screen shot

The founder of NJEntrepreneur.com, Jeanne Gray, needed this additional website to promote her consulting services to entrepreneurs and executives. One page is all that's needed to describe her services and expertise, while providing valuable links back to her flagship website. Only her contact form has a link from this home page. What's not visible, is a landing page for registration to her seminars — a page reached only via her marketing campaign, enabling accurate tracking of visitors.


Cryogenic Processing Solutions

Cryogenic Processing Solutions screen shot

The Cryogenic Processing Solutions website provides brochure-style information about their consulting and laboratory services with a link to the contact form on every page. Until their sister companies build their own websites, those companies have a one-page web presence within the pages of CPS. The images and text are maintained by CPS using our custom content management system (CMS).


JCK Services

JCK Services screen shot

This is a good example of a cost-effective approach to obtaining a website by by-passing the services of a designer and opting for a template design. This design features subtle Flash animation in the header and navigation bar. The content focuses on the essentials of clients served, service methodology and practices, biographical information, and a contact form.


5C Enterprises, LLC

5C Enterprises screen shot

This website features basic content management system features, enabling the client to publish information and images. A key requirement was to have the ability to maintain newsletter subscriptions, with user-friendly tools to compose and publish email newsletters. A sitewide search feature simplifies the task of finding material in this information-rich website. Information is easy to email to a colleague with a special pop-up dialog window. Case studies provide useful information for the website visitor and the search engines.


Capitol Resources of New York

Capitol Resources of New York screen shot

This straightforward website directs visitors to one of four forms on separate pages for any of Commercial Financing, Equipment Financing, Accounts Receivable Financing, or Investment Banking. The forms are on separate pages to more easily monitor campaigns that drive traffic to one form or another.


ASM Electric, Inc.

ASM Electric, Inc. screen shot

ASM Electric took advantage of our copywriting services to create the content for this basic, service-business website. In addition to descriptions of the customers they serve, the services they provide, and how they provide those services, this website features three brief case studies and a portfolio, with photos, of completed projects. A survey was added to collect feedback via a customer satisfaction form, and job applicants are also encouraged to apply.