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Portfolio of Professional Organization Websites

International Association of University Presidents

International Association of University Presidents screen shot

Traditionally, the website was the responsibility of the current president, and this website changed hardware and software platforms every three years. The new president-elect promised to establish a permanent home for the organization's website using a content management system. And he had it launched prior to his taking office. The website provides a resource for information about their triennial conference, leadership, membership, official activities. Galleries of documents, videos, and photos are also incorporated into the website.


New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN)

New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN) screen shot

New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN) website provides visibility to the state-wide program to nourish qualified fledgling entrepreneurs in one of a dozen or so incubator centers. Full contact information is readily available for organization officers, along with contact information, location, and detailed descriptions of the physical incubator facilities. Associate members are also featured. Success Stories highlight self-sustaining graduates of the program. The site contains a news archive and a calendar of events — all maintained by the organization staff.


Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey

Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey screen shot

Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey is a non-profit organization representing all New Jersey world language educators. With over 500 school districts, and world language education mandated in grades K-12, this is a large organization. Membership dues are now collected online using credit cards or PayPal accounts. Registration and fees for professional development seminars, forums, conferences, roundtable meetings are also handled online. The website has vastly reduced the number of hours of administrative paperwork for membership management. Printed newletters are archived as PDFs and available online. Email newsletters are occasionally sent to the membership informing them of significant up-coming events or news-worthy items.


Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

Emmanuel Cancer Foundation screen shot

The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation (ECF) website has many audiences, with many web-based features to serve their needs. The ECF website must reach out to families of children with cancer. It's used to showcase their caseworkers and the services that they perform by providing contact information and photos of supported families. Both individuals and organizations have multiple was to donate, including online via credit card or PayPal. Volunteers can find ways to serve, and applicants can find employment opportunities. The website is built with a content management system (CMS) to allow staff to update information themselves. A calendar of events and photo gallery provide contact information and pictures for fundraisers and other activities.


Woven Wire Products Association (WWPA)

Woven Wire Products Association (WWPA) screen shot

As with many industry-specific organizations, this website reaches out to both consumers and industry manufacturers. Consumer businesses can find information on how to order the various types of woven wire products. Consumers can also submit one request for a quote to all association members. Members are encouraged to join by completing a membership application form. Member contact information is posted online to provide exposure to the purchasing public and to search engines.


National Council of State Supervisors for Languages

National Council of State Supervisors for Languages screen shot

NCSSFL is an organization of education agency personnel from all states of the United States who have the responsibility of foreign language education at the state level. The organization itself is relatively small, with one representative from each state, retired members, and representatives from foreign language associations. Since members are scattered across the country, the website is used to collect data on foreign language study in each state, and to present mandated reports for the public. Links to every state's foreign language education requirements are included as a resource, along with scholarly publications, and information on the organization's annual conference.


Pennsylvania Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association

Pennsylvania Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association screen shot

This website has a public section, designed to provide information to consumers about cemeteries and funerals, including a listing of member cemeteries and funeral homes, and a glossary. The member section is password-protected, has information about related news stories, changes in legislature that effects the industry, meeting information, and convention registration and payment. The design intent was to be professional and non-sectarian. The photographs of nature scenes provide the website with a respectful and inviting presence.