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e-Commerce Services and Solutions

The Boulevard Group will guide you in how to set up the services you need to conduct e-commerce on the Web. Most of these services need to be created in an account held by your business, not the website developer.

We'll help you select an Internet Merchant Account at a bank that lets you accept credit cards

Setting up an account at PayPal is easy and very inexpensive. There are no start-up fees or minimum monthly fees. When a customer's payment is deposited into your account via the payment gateway, you can then transfer it to your bank account. You pay a competitive fixed fee and a percentage fee on each transaction.

Alternately, you can set up an Internet Merchant Account at a bank. Customer payments are automatically deposited into your bank account via the payment gateway. Internet Merchant Accounts are available on-line or through your local bank. These usually have a start-up fee and monthly minimums, as well as transaction fees.

We'll help you select a payment gateway service

Your Internet Merchant Account will usually support many standard payment gateway services. One supported payment gateway software product will be installed into your website's shopping cart software to transfer the customer's payment from their credit card account to your Internet Merchant Account. Installation of the software is included in the price for your shopping cart system. There is no extra charge for this software by the payment gateway service provider.

PayPal includes its own payment gateway software that resides on their systems. When a customer elects to checkout, software we install into your shopping cart will redirect them to the payment gateway page at PayPal, where they enter the necessary credit card information. PayPal's payment gateway software is included in their service package.

We'll help to get a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate to encrypt credit card transactions

You'll need a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate to encrypt your customer's personal and credit card data as it travels through the Internet, from their browser to your website server, through your payment gateway to the bank. The certificate prices vary, but can usually be purchased for under $50. The certificate creates a secure environment for the customer, and displays a tiny golden padlock at the top or bottom of the screen (depending on the customer's browser) to assure them that their data is safely transported.

We'll guide you through the payment processing test

Finally, you'll need to test the process to make sure that it works. You'll purchase something at your website as if you were a customer, entering a real or test credit card number. Then you'll change hats and process the transaction as any merchant would. Once you verify that the transaction has been completed successfully, you can refund the payment to the "customer" if your real credit card was used.