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Email Accounts and Spam Filters

If you like, we can set up email addresses for you and your staff that use your domain name in the email address, so that your email addresses will look like:

  • john@yourbusiness.com
  • jane@yourbusiness.com

There are several ways you can use your new email address. Depending on your current email set-up, or your willingness to change to a new email service, we will either create a POP3 account that you read directly, or we will forward your email to your existing account.

Use your existing email tools

The best solution is to be able to continue reading your email the way you normally do. That could be by using a PC-based email client, like Outlook, Eudora, or Thunderbird, where you have already installed software on your computer (Mac or PC) and you read and store your email on that computer. Or you may use your web browser (usually MS-Internet Explorer or FireFox) and use a web-based email service, like Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL. With a service like this, your messages are stored on a remote server, and you can access your new and saved email from any computer anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet. In either case, messages will be processed through your ISP's email service, and you will be able to take advantage of their existing spam filtering system.

Send mail using your new business email address

The next item to consider involves whether or not your existing PC-based email client or your web-based email service supports the ability for you to send email using your new business email address instead of the service's email address. Not all systems support this feature. If your system does not allow this, you will be able to receive messages sent to your new email address, but you will still be sending messages from your old address. That may appear confusing to your email recipients.

Switch to Gmail

If your systems do not support sending email messages with the new business address, you may want to switch to a service that does. We use and recommend Gmail. Gmail has many features and advantages, including excellent spam filtering.

Use a POP3 email account on our server

However, you may want us to create POP3 accounts on our server for your email. This lets you bypass your ISP to read your mail directly on our server. You will be able to use your PC-based email client, or use your browser to access your email from any browser on any computer. If this option is used, it is important that messages be downloaded to your computer, and deleted from the server as often as possible, preferably daily, so that your email messages do not consume excessive amounts of disk space. Since we will be bypassing the spam filtering services of your ISP, an email filtering system can be implemented on our server.

Stay with your current email address

All that said, many businesses and organizations prefer to stay with an email address like:

  • yourbusiness@hotmail.com
  • yourbusiness@aol.com

In that case we won't create a new email address for you. We can simply forward web page form content to your existing email address.

Bottom line

Sound confusing? It is. We'll work with you to find the best solution for your business communications.