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Graphic Design Services

The first impression a visitor has of a web site is its coloring and layout. First impressions are important, but the main focus of a business website is always the content. Good graphic design helps the reader find, read or view the information they sought out.

Website Design and Layout

When you select our standard graphic design option, you'll receive two different designs based on your specified preferences. You'll choose one design, and then we'll “tweak” it until you like it. Our designer isn't happy until you're happy.

If you select one of our high-end designers, services and fees vary, but generally you'll get two or three designs to select from, and about three rounds of changes. With the high-end designers, the price goes up with additional rounds of changes. You'll want to keep that in mind as you tweak.

The graphic designer begins work after the site map is created, and samples of content are collected. Our designer can create a new website for you from scratch, or they can re-design your existing website.

Business logo

The graphic designer will use your logo, or work with you to create a new logo.

Color scheme

The logo usually (but not always) steers the rest of the color choices for the website. Sometimes a monochromatic scheme will work well, sometimes contrasting colors communicate the desired effect and mood of the website. Colors and line are used to visually separate main content from secondary content and navigation. The header and banner also usually receive different color treatment than the rest of the web page.

Additional graphic design elements

Lines, background colors, icons, and textures are added to the design to help draw the visitor's eye to desired areas of the page.

The layout of the page

The logo is in the top left corner 95% of the time. The main navigation and sub-navigation are either going to be horizontal under a header banner across the top of the web page, vertical along the left or right side of the web page, or a combination. Sub-navigation can appear as embedded and indented lists within the vertical main navigation. If the list of navigation is short — and will never grow — horizontal navigation may be a good choice. But if the list is long, it simply won't fit across the page horizontally, so a vertical navigation bar would be the way to go.


What's that? It's that cute little icon that appears in the location bar of the browser when the visitor visits your site. It also appears in the visitor's bookmarks (or favorites list).