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Photographs not only add to the design and look of your website, photographs tell a compelling story about your products, your staff, your customers, what you do and how you do it, in a way that engages your visitor that words alone cannot convey.

Photos can be obtained from royalty-free services, from pictures taken on-the-job, or by a professional photographer. A graphics artist is usually needed to crop, sharpen, optimize and convert the photos to a format needed for display on the world-wide web.

The Boulevard Group can provide all or some of these services, as needed, or work with your photographer and photo editor.

How to get good photos for your website

Take digital photographs yourself

The pictures that you or an employee take can be very effective for use on your website. Homegrown photography is honest and has the effect of documenting your products and/or services.

Scan existing photos

If images are not available in digital format (i.e., on a disk or via a download), they can be scanned from snapshots, brochures, and other print marketing materials in order to be converted to web-ready images.

Use photos that your suppliers provide

More often than not, your supplier can provide you with photographs of their supplies and products for you to use on your website and print materials. You can usually get these from a CD-ROM or from their website.

Royalty-free photos

Inexpensive, professional photos are available from services on the web. The Boulevard Group can purchase photographs that you select for use on your website using our subscription. A royalty-free art can be purchased by more than one buyer -- keeping the price low -- without incurring on-going royalty fees.

Professional photographer

Sometimes a professional photographer will provide the best photographs for your website. Portraits of staff, product photographs, wide-angle shots, on-the-job action shots may require professional skills.

All photos need to be edited

All photos need further enhancement -- red-eye removal, straightening, cropping, sharpening, brightening, reducing -- to get them ready for publication. Skilled graphics artists can modify photos so they are appropriate for the web with ease and reasonable cost. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive PC-based software meant for professionals. Very high quality tools are available for free on the web including Google's Picasa and Piknic. If you website includes a content management system (CMS) where you expect to upload new photos frequently, it will be worth while to learn how to make simple edits to your own photos.