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This PDF report is a revised version of Mark Beck's presentation at NJ Entreprenuer's Forum.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website will be constructed with pages optimized for search engines. SEO is not an afterthought. It's the foundation on which web pages are built.

Search engine spiders and robots

Search engine optimization starts with words and keywords. Good copy is the most important thing you can have on your web pages. The copy in your web pages is periodically read by programs called spiders or robots that are sent out by the search engines. Of course, humans will read the copy on your web pages, too. The goal of search engine optimaztion (SEO) is to get keywords and keyword phrases into your web pages that will satisfy your visitor's needs as well as satisfy the criteria of the search engines.

The search engine spiders and robots can't "see" words that are drawn into images by a graphics program and embedded in your web pages; search engines only read plain text. The plain text words of your web pages, and of all the web pages in the world, are read and "indexed" into the giant databases of the search engines for later use.

Keywords and keyword phrases

When a potential visitor types "keywords" or "keyword phrases" in the search field of a search engine, the search engine's databases are scanned to produce a list of the web pages that use these exact words in the ways each search engine prefers best. The web pages with the keywords producing the highest preference rating wind up at the top of the list where your potential visitor is likely to click.

The search engines value words placed in specific HTML tags more than other HTML tags in a web page. The frequency of words on a web page also influences their value. By strategically placing keywords in preferred locations, your web pages are considered "optimized."

Write copy for humans first and foremost

The search engine's criteria is designed to prefer web pages that are well-written. These pages satisfy rules of grammar and common sense that make a page enjoyable or informative for the human visitor. These pages should also have well-written HTML code that complies with web standards.

The bottom line is that unless your website's purpose is to entertain, your visitors are viewing your pages for information. Sometimes just getting information is their goal — they only want to learn something and then they're done. Other times the information is a means to an end, where the information will help them make a buying decision. Good web page copy needs to be written to satisfy the needs of the website visitor, your business and organization, and the search engines. Search engine optimization will help them find your website. But once there, the copy needs to direct the visitor without confusion to the contact form, subscription box, or catalog and shopping cart.

Keyword research

To know which keywords your prospective visitors and customers are keying into search engines, we'll need to do some research, using programming and sometimes expert analysis. The Boulevard Group can provide a variety services to meet your needs and budget.

SEO strategy

Good marking copy for your visitors needs to be combined with effective use and placement of keywords and keyword phrases.

  • proper placement of keywords within the context of the web page and within the HTML
  • effective use and readability of various keywords and keyword phrases for the visitor
  • avoidance of out-dated techniques that could hurt web page rankings
  • ease-of-use in updating content to fine-tune placement and selection of keywords

Link-building campaigns

When other highly-regarded web pages of related content link to any of your web pages, your page becomes more highly regarded by the search engines. A link-building campaign will help you find other web pages that will link to your web pages for free or for a fee.